Team core

Team Core

Since its establishment, professional exhibition work has more than 10 years of experience, providing a comprehensive range of exhibition services to customers to adhere to innovative design with professional experience and exclusive services, to provide customers with demand, to convey information. Regardless of business space and activity planning, we provide efficient, sustainable and creative services to our customers.

Sales Director: Liu Peipei
Director of Exhibition Development: Edward Liu



Shanghai Huizhong Exhibition Co., Ltd. is a professional agent for foreign exhibitions, responsible for booth sales, construction, personnel overseas arrangements, visas, air tickets, Hotel one-stop service of high-quality enterprises. We uphold to provide customers with high-quality exhibition, intimate service, so that customers focus on the signing of exhibition forms. Our company's culture is "to do things steadily, to be a real person; to work efficiently and live happily; to maximize everyone's potential". The company has 10 years of exhibition experience in outreach development exhibition projects, Sales Champions with 5 years of experience to provide you with professional exhibition consultation and solutions, to ensure win-win cooperation between the two sides!

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